How We’re Different From Traditional Recruitment Agencies

We sell our clients jobs through content, not job descriptions!  We believe that hiring managers have been limited by the generic, faceless and uninspiring job descriptions for too long. We are on a mission to change that. We amplify and personalize our clients unique stories by crafting and delivering authentic content on platforms and in mediums that your ideal candidates are more apt to take in.
Our system creates a humanized experience, leveraging digital platforms that allow the candidate to interact with the hiring manager before applying. 

The exclusive SparkTV session we host in partnership with our clients is a revolutionary approach to pulling in talent by doing a live, interactive job-description session on our thriving LinkedIn and YouTube platforms every week. It allows the candidate and the hiring manager to put their best foot forward by channeling their true self. Say goodbye to broken telephone and unrealistic expectations. 

STEp 1


  • Standards of excellence
  • Expand the talent pool
  • Personalize the job
  • Create a sound bite

STEp 2

tell the story

  • Content strategy
  • Live video interview
  • Hype video
  • Still creative

STEp 3


  • SparkTV
  • LinkedIN
  • YouTube
  • Targeted Outreach

STEp 4


  • Candidate video applications
  • Data-driven enhancements
  • Real-time market feedback
  • Meaningful connections

How we are disrupting the status quo

We have disrupted the status quo by harnessing technology and media. We sell our clients jobs through content not job descriptions - content to hire. SparkTV is our full-service marketing and production hub that allows us to create unique, personalized, authentic high-impact content strategically designed to resonate with the labour market of tomorrow.

Targeted content for ideal candidates

SparkTV is the first recruiting media network, revamping traditional content for the new digital space. We create content on mediums and platforms where your ideal candidates are consuming.

Get to know your company culture

HIRED brings fun and interactive content using hiring as a way to explore culture, diversity, and the human experience.

Reimagining job descriptions

Job descriptions like you have never seen them before. Join the team at Spark as they interview hiring managers looking for top talent. Get to experience your future boss prior to applying.

Ready to learn how we can Spark opportunities for your business?

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